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Mindy Wheeler Artist
Mindy has been involved in the comic industry since early 2014 as a tranditional artist and colorist. Her credits include work for Zenescope, IDW, and UltraPro. In 2019, her first sequential series, KARMA, will release on Indiegogo. KARMA is her magnum opus - a story she has spent 5 years developing and will single-handedly draw and color. Her artistic inspirations include Todd McFarlane, Alan Lee, Briad Froud, Terry Dodson, and Adam Hughes. Mindy is fascinated with ancient history and mythology and would describe herself as a fighter, an intellect, and a perfectionist.
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Livestreams & Videos

Doug TenNapel, 9/5/18
Nasser Rabadi, 9/6/18
Knight Wolf Plays, 9/12/18
A Nerd And Over Thirty, 9/8/18



Chicago, IL